The Tour Auto exists because there never will be any better way to drive across France

The Tour Auto is basically the French Mille Miglia: about 250 amazing classic cars meet every year and race across France. And as is now tradition, they meet in Paris’ Grand Palais the day before the start so that mere mortals like me can admire their magnificent metal in the flesh. And come back with a photodump!

Yesterday I had one of my worst driving experience ever; today one of the best

It’s funny how weather can turn a simple drive into an adventure, sometimes. Yesterday I drove a 100 miles from my in laws to some friends’ house for an end of year party. That involved driving on mostly abandoned forest roads, deep in French countryside. Now, that would have been absolutely awesome on most days, but…


My Body, Heart and Soul Were Not Ready for the Brutal Majesty of Le Mans Classic

Why Le Mans Classic is not the most famous classic cars event in the world right now is beyond me. Think of it as a mix between Pebble Beach and Goodwood, except it involves actual, door-to-door racing and takes place at the legendary Le Mans track. Here’s what made my eyes cry, my ears melt, and my heart drown with…